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January 22nd, 2009

11:48 am - [RL with Archer: Merry Christmas (backadated to Christmas Eve)]
Rin had never given much thought to Christmas before. It was simply another holiday and an excuse for commercial excess, that was all. The decorations and presents were nice enough, but she'd never really cared about the holiday, nor did she have anyone she particularly wanted to give presents to.

This year was different.

That was why she was currently sitting on her bed, dressed in a festive red-and-white outfit and feeling decidedly silly.

She was only doing this for Archer. The fact that she would get something out of it as well had nothing to do with this, of course-- or so she told herself.
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September 22nd, 2008

12:24 pm - [Private]
I... should feel worse than I do about this, I think.

But... I'm glad he's gone. Now he can't hurt Sakura anymore.

What is wrong with me?

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May 19th, 2008

12:45 am - [RL with Archer: Backdated to the 12th]
By all accounts, today had been a perfectly normal day. She had gone to school, sat dutifully through her classes, eaten lunch with Shirou and Sakura in the cafeteria the way she always did now (today Issei had even joined them on the pretense of asking Shirou to fix yet another piece of broken electronic equipment), and at last headed home. Today, however, she declined Shirou's invitation to go to the arcade with him and Illya, saying instead that she had something that she needed to do. Just what that something was she didn't tell him-- he'd find out soon enough, and she wanted to hear exactly why Archer was back before she attempted to explain anything to Shirou. She knew the two men didn't get along all that well. Then again, Archer didn't get along with many people, and somehow that was just fine with Rin.

Remembering that he had promised to make her tea, she retrieved the tea set from the cupboard where it had been gathering dust ever since Archer's death a few months earlier. She'd found she hadn't the heart to brew tea for herself in the morning once he was gone; even the sight of the tea set made her feel a deep pang of sadness. A part of her still couldn't believe this was real, that Archer was really back...
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